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Looking from the physical to the spiritual, Ep 68

I've been enjoying not doing shows and not posting on social media as of late, but mostly because I've been on a spiritual retreat. During the last 4 months, I've been diving deep and studying the Bible everyday. This experience has inspired me to write a completely different kind of book that talks about how I became free from the evils of this world and to stop believing the lies. This does not mean I will stop doing shows, I am just going to be careful about what I talk about and try not to get too wrapped up in rabbit holes that take me too far from my spiritual foundation.

In my next show, I will be talking to Elena Freeland. She has a lot of knowledge on geoengineering, 5G, and education and I'm excited to talk to her.

Watch "The Revelation of Jesus Christ" playlist: ⁠⁠ (Watch with an open mind and with no distractions)

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Intro music "The Earth is Flat" by Edward Rowley

Outro music by "Fast Food at Midnight" by Our Propaganda

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